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San Diego Latino Dads Photograph what It’s Like to be a Father

Published 03/03/2018 by Global Communities

San Diego Latino Dads Photograph what It’s Like to be a Father Re-visualizing Fatherhood Chronicles Five Dads Joys and Struggles.

SAN DIEGO–“Re-visualizing Fatherhood” is a photo exhibition by Dads sharing the joys and struggles of fatherhood as immigrants in the City Heights neighborhood. Five Dads who are part of the program are featured in photos and quotes, and their families will celebrate the exhibition Wednesday afternoon.

As one of the Father’s noted, “In my photos I tried to show the world how beautiful my family is, and the pride I feel when my children look to me for love and guidance. I’m very proud that my work was chosen and hope it will remind people that, even when we are tired or have worries, family is a blessing.”

The project is a partnership between PCI (, an international health organization headquartered in San Diego, and the AjA Project (, a San Diego-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing innovative media arts and photography-based educational programs for immigrant communities.

The fathers and their families are available for interview in English and Spanish. Media should RSVP for the event.

WHO: Dads & their families that participated in a photography project to explore fatherhood
WHEN: Wednesday, June 29, 2016. 5:30pm
WHERE: City Heights/Weingart Branch Library 3795 Fairmount Ave (Community Room) San Diego, CA 92105

Photography exhibition of artworks by local fathers, to explore photography through the formal use of cameras in a “photo-voice” project. The “Re-visualizing Fatherhood” exhibition has been on display at the City Heights Library branch during the month of June, and features photos and quotes from five fathers. On Wednesday, June 29, 2016, PCI will celebrate the men and their work, together with their families.

Photovoice is a process by which people can identify, represent, and enhance their community through a specific photography project. By providing cameras and other visual media tools, The AjA Project’s programs empower immigrants to control how they are viewed and represented, as active, important and equal members of the global community. PCI leveraged this concept to convene a group of fathers affiliated with its Healthy Start program, to explore topics of fatherhood and masculinity, set on honoring the positive contributions fathers make to their families.

Healthy Start aims to increase family resilience, parent-child attachment, and improve the health of a family overall. The program promotes father involvement, noting that when a father is fully engaged in parenting children tend to have higher IQs, better school readiness, and improved social skills, including emotional regulation and empathy.

For further information please contact:
Lisa Bain, Director of Program Quality, PCI
619-757-8520, lbain[@]