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Why PCI Supporters are the Best

Published 02/01/2016 by Global Communities

Today is the first day of February, a month focused on love and the many aspects that encompass it. As someone who works on our fundraising team, I have the unique opportunity to see how much love all of our supporters show us throughout the year. And each one of you constantly amazes me.

Personally, I fell in love with PCI a few years ago as a college undergrad looking for international organizations to volunteer with. After spending time on PCI’s website and learning about the organization’s impact, I was immediately excited about the programs and hoped to one day work here. I’m so happy to be part of the PCI team and I’m consistently impressed by our dedicated staff, meaningful initiatives, exceptional industry ratings, passionate and generous donors from around the world, and, most of all, knowing millions of lives are empowered every day from PCI programming.

Because of your support, we’ve been able to provide our beneficiaries with the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty. Together, we are empowering people to enhance health, end hunger and overcome the hardships they face.

Your contributions to PCI enabled us to transform the lives of over 19 million people last year.

None of this would have been possible without your support. Simply put, you make our work possible. We pride ourselves on our highest ratings in transparency and accountability as well as the trust we have with the communities we work with.

When you add up what each of us can do when we commit to creating a brighter future for the world, we become a powerful force for making a difference in the lives of millions. So whether you are a new friend to PCI or a long-time supporter, thank you for giving PCI a piece of your BIG heart through your interest and investment in our work.

We look forward to what we can continue to accomplish together in 2016.


Ashley Dittmar and your friends at PCI

Letter by: Ashley Dittmar, Development Officer for Annual Programs, PCI