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Global Communities and Bank of Palestine Team Up to Provide Winterization Aid in Gaza

Published 12/06/2023 by Global Communities

Gaza Response_Bank of Palestine_Winterization Aid_Dec 2023

Gaza Strip — As part of its ongoing humanitarian efforts in the Gaza Strip, Global Communities is collaborating with the Bank of Palestine to distribute winter clothing vouchers. The Bank of Palestine has committed to funding this program, aiming to reach 1,000 families with much-needed support during the cold season.

Despite the scarcity of resources, winter clothing remains one of the few items still obtainable in Gaza, albeit in limited quantities. This week marked the beginning of the voucher distribution, with over 850 families already receiving the assistance they need to secure warm clothing.

The initiative, part of the Bank of Palestine’s matching contribution under Global Communities’ Gaza Household Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Activity, underscores the bank’s dedication to comprehensive community support in critical areas such as water, sanitation, and hygiene — vital sectors for the region’s development and well-being. It specifically aims to provide winter attire for the most vulnerable populations, including children, women and the elderly, to alleviate the hardships of the cold weather and address the challenging living conditions resulting from the ongoing conflict in Gaza. By procuring these materials from local vendors, Global Communities and the Bank of Palestine are also bolstering the Gazan economy.

Since October 30, Global Communities has been actively distributing food parcels, reaching 10,200 families to date. Each parcel ensures two weeks of sustenance for a family of five, highlighting the organization’s capability to deliver critical aid efficiently. These efforts continue in south and central Gaza as security conditions permit, with the potential to increase aid as more assistance arrives via the Rafah crossing.

Since the conflict began, the assistance of the Bank of Palestine has also been actively involved in multiple relief efforts. These include the initial provision of food and water in partnership with the World Food Programme, the distribution of food and health parcels through the Cooperation Foundation, and the facilitation of urgent financial aid to patients receiving treatment through the Roots Foundation for Health and Social Development and the Hussein Cancer Foundation.

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