Advancing Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

Global Communities recognizes that gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) are vital to realizing human rights, achieving sustainable development goals, and delivering effective humanitarian assistance. We are committed to advancing dignity, equity, and inclusion and these principles are firmly embedded in our mission. We envision a world of expanded opportunity, where women and girls, youth, and marginalized populations have the voice, choice, and resources they need to thrive and where they enjoy freedom from discrimination and violence. We employ both cross-cutting and gender-specific interventions to foster GESI and ensure that all community members can safely and equitably participate in and benefit from our programs. First, we strive to integrate GESI across all programs. Second, we implement women- and youth-centered programs to promote their leadership, economic empowerment, and civic engagement; advance their health and well-being; and address gender-based violence. And third, we engage men and boys in gender-transformative interventions that challenge unequal gender norms and power dynamics.