Gender Equity and Good Governance Guide for Cooperatives

Women make up 52 percent of Kenya’s population (Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 2019 Census), yet they continue to face unequal access to economic, political, social, and cultural opportunities. Despite significant progress towards gender equality in recent decades, deep-seated gender disparities persist globally, manifesting in labour markets and other spheres.

Cooperative enterprises, driven by principles of self-help, equality, and equity, alongside values of voluntary membership and democratic control, hold a distinctive position in advancing gender equality and empowering women. In pursuit of this goal, prioritizing gender equality training within cooperatives, particularly with a focus on capacity-building sessions tailored to women’s empowerment and gender equality, is essential.

Global Communities’ USAID Cooperative Development Program CLEAR (Cooperative Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy, and Research), has developed the Gender Equity and Good Governance Guide. This guide aims to increase awareness of the importance of mainstreaming gender in cooperative business activities. Drawing on materials from various sources, including the Facilitator Training Guide for the Rwanda USAID EMIRGE Program, Global Communities’ DREAMS Program, and the Men Engage Kenya Network (MENKEN), the manual provides valuable insights and practical strategies for promoting gender equity and good governance within cooperative enterprises.