Journeys of Transformation Adaptation Program to Engage Men as Allies in Women’s Economic Empowerment 

The Journeys of Transformation (JoT) program was created and implemented in Rwanda by CARE Rwanda, Rwamrec, and Equimundo (formerly known as Promundo-US) to engage men as allies in women’s economic empowerment. Through 2020 and 2021, Equimundo and Global Communities adapted JoT and evaluated its impact on rural and indigenous men and women in Guatemala. 

The adapted program, known in Spanish as ‘Caminos a la Transformación’ (CaT), comprises 13 group learning and discussion sessions based on a curriculum that promotes men’s acceptance and support of their female partners’ economic empowerment by addressing gendered barriers to women’s economic empowerment. Results from the evaluation showed a positive shift in gender-related outcomes including increased support of more equitable gender roles, improved communication between partners, higher male participation in household tasks and childcare, increased support for women’s participation in saving groups and decision-making, as well as reduced acceptance of intimate partner violence