Promoting Positive Youth Development & the Advancement of Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Global Communities has implemented youth-centered programs focused on civic engagement, economic development, health, and violence prevention in more than 15 countries around the world. Our approach is rooted in the principles of positive youth development (PYD), which position young people at the center of their own development. We work with youth as partners in creating supportive environments where they can freely and safely exercise their voice, choice, and leadership potential. We co-create pathways which help them fulfil their aspirations while building a sense of agency, belonging, and purpose. We also encourage youth to act as powerful agents of change in their communities, governments, and economies. Global Communities employs several cross-cutting strategies to accomplish these goals. First, we promote youth’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development through skills-building, safe spaces, peer support, and protection services. Second, we partner with youth, families, community structures, and the private sector to cultivate an enabling environment and foster positive relationships among them. And third, we engage in capacity sharing with youth-led and youth-serving organizations.