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A Community-led Approach to Addressing the Roots of Violence in Nairobi

Published 06/20/2016 by Global Communities

A Community-led Approach to Addressing the Roots of Violence in Nairobi

Violence and conflict have always threatened communities, but in a world defined by globalization, urbanization, mass media, and other trends fueling the rapid movement of people and information across the world, community conflict has the potential to escalate into global crises. Poorer areas often experience disproportionate violence fueled by political, religious and ethnic tensions. The toll on communities, nations and economies is enormous, and long-standing tensions perpetuate themselves as communities deteriorate and the most marginalized in society experience further isolation.

The informal settlements of Nairobi are exceptionally vulnerable to political and ethnic manipulation. Ethnic and religious differences are exacerbated by lack of access to basic services, cramped living conditions, unemployment and crime. The 2007 elections pushed tensions over the brink and into violence, shattering the country’s peace, further intensifying ethnic conflict. Local demagogues regularly manipulate residents of the settlements, especially youth during election season, attempting to influence the outcome of the elections by urging young people to commit acts of violence, sell their votes or register in the wrong district.

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