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Biogas for Better Access to Energy and Livelihood

Published 09/05/2018 by Global Communities


Biogas for Better Access to Energy and Livelihood
Rural villages in northern Syria are facing severe energy crises due to damaged infrastructure, fuel scarcity, and the poor quality and high price of fuels available. All this leads to a lack of power generation, greatly affecting people’s lives. Recent fuel shortages in Idleb have led to an unavailability and unaffordability of this critical commodity for Syrians living in the area.

Through the Biogas for Better Access to Energy and Livelihood program, Global Communities is equipping 250 families with the materials and knowledge needed to produce biogas at the household level, enabling them to cook, light and heat their homes using a sustainable fuel source. This innovative program is funded through the Sanders Family Philanthropic Foundation and Global Communities’ own resources in order to pilot the development of biogas wells as a means to promote resilience in conflict-affected agricultural regions. Global Communities intends to take lessons from this pilot and reproduce, adapt and scale it in other applicable settings worldwide.

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