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Community Development in Moline, IL

Published 02/04/2016 by Global Communities

Community Development in Moline, IL
Global Communities is funded by the John Deere Foundation in Moline. The Floreciente neighborhood was chosen for this program because of its proximity to two John Deere facilities. Global Communities is engaging residents of the Floreciente community of Moline to reinvigorate the historic neighborhood and improve the quality of life of its residents. Global Communities will use the same participatory approaches to create long-lasting, positive and community-led change that have been successful in John Deere-funded programs already underway in Brazil and India. The specific objectives of the Moline program are to:

Empower residents to implement neighborhood revitalization projects and attract social services.

Facilitate economic development opportunities for small businesses and households in Floreciente by connecting them with the broader Quad Cities economy.

Create an engaged, supportive and collaborative network of stakeholders that leverage their collective efforts to deliver programs and services to the people of Floreciente.
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