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COVID-19 Response in Brazil

Published 07/09/2020 by Global Communities

Over the past several months, the Global Communities’ Sowing Futures team in Brazil has supported the John Deere Brazil Foundation in delivering 3,836 food baskets to 1,953 families in need to John Deere home communities across Indaiatuba, Campinas, Catalão, Montenegro and Campinas. The amount of baskets delivered equates to approximate 102,000 pounds of food items. Seventy-one Deere volunteers and 201 community volunteers participated in identifying at-risk families and organizing and delivering the foods baskets. A total of 267.8 Deere and 1052 community volunteer hours were registered. The food baskets were distributed through a combination of neighborhood committees and community organizations that reached 62 neighborhoods across the five locations.

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The team has also worked in the past months to digitize resource materials and create online video training tutorials for each of the following John Deere at School volunteer projects:
Youth Leadership
Youth Mentoring
5S Workplace Organization
Youth “Talent”
Career Guidance
Deere Brazil volunteers, with support from the Foundation and Volunteer Committees, will now be able to access the training tutorials and resource materials online. The team has also provided a number “training of trainers” to volunteer leaders to carry out these projects in coordination with the Volunteer Committees. The Indaiatuba Volunteer Committee held its first “virtual/online” session of the “Career Guidance” workshop for 16 high school students at a partner school.