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COVID-19 Response in Syria

Published 04/04/2020 by Global Communities

Our efforts around COVID-19 leverage strong collaborative relationships with communities and their leaders where we work to encourage positive, healthy behaviors and support local and national governments to coordinate and roll out locally-led responses.

Global Communities is exploring how best to expand our existing humanitarian programming in Syria to respond to COVID-19. Through funding from USAID/OFDA, Global Communities is already providing essential water, sanitation, and hygiene services to the Atmeh camp cluster, which is home to approximately 154,000 displaced Syrians.  To ensure that the camp population is ready for a potential COVID-19 outbreak, we have provided our staff with protective equipment (masks, gloves, hand sanitizer). We are also increasing water trucking services to provide additional clean water to camp residents, distributing additional soap and hygiene supplies, along with information on proper handwashing, and discussing additional funding with our donor to install additional handwashing stations throughout the camp. Our protection teams continue to provide case management services via phone and are monitoring rumors in the camp and developing information campaigns to dispel them and provide residents with accurate information around COVID-19.

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