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Global Communities’ José Equigure Receives Honduras 20/20 Scholarship

Published 05/23/2019 by Global Communities


Last month, Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández participated in the delivery of Honduras 20/20 scholarships to 139 young people, which will assist them in pursuing masters, doctorate and medical degrees at diverse and recognized universities abroad. The aim of this Presidential Scholarship Program is to support Honduran scholars in learning leadership competencies and skills, which will in turn help them contribute to the development of the country at the completion of their studies.

Among the newly-awarded fellows is José Antonio Eguigure, Strategic Partnership Manager for Global Communities in Honduras. Eguigure is the first grantee accepted at Harvard University to pursue a Master in Public Administration as a Mason Fellow.

Eguigure says: “I feel so honored, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity…This represents recognition of my dedication and hard work serving my country through public and private ventures.”

Eguigure has worked at Global Communities since 2011 and has managed strategic grants for the organization in Honduras, including the Oasis of Life initiative, which is the development of a smart agriculture model. In addition, he has promoted public and private sector alliances, including a new venture with GFA Consulting Group GmBH to join efforts in promoting resilience initiatives using rainwater-harvesting systems in southern Honduras.

“My motivation came from different sources, however my time at Global Communities has allowed me to be part of an eclectic portfolio of initiatives, from HIV-orphaned and vulnerable children projects to research programs on climate change and rainwater harvesting; and this was utterly inspiring since I was able to connect local needs—especially of vulnerable populations—with decision makers.”

Eguigure plans to use his Master in Public Administration to improve his current leadership skills and enhance his personal vision, which first involved understanding the agricultural and environmental problems in Honduras and later expanded through his work with both vulnerable populations and decision makers. Once he graduates, he plans to continue to develop ideas and put them into practice in Honduras and beyond through Global Communities. Eguigure will start his studies at Harvard this July.

Watch video of the scholarship ceremony here.