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Global Communities’ Staff Featured in the Guardian’s “Your NGO Heroes of 2015”

Published 01/04/2016 by Global Communities

Global Communities’ Staff Featured in the Guardian’s “Your NGO Heroes of 2015”
The Guardian asked development professionals to nominate the people and projects who inspired them most in 2015. From more than 100 nominations, the Guardian selected a few of their favorites including Global Communities’ Selline Korir and George Woryonwon who are featured for their work in peace-building among groups facing ethnic and religious conflict in Kenya and ending the Ebola epidemic in Liberia.

Selline Korir, director of the Kenya Tuna Uwezo programme, Global Communities Kenya

“I would like to nominate Selline Korir of Global Communities Kenya as an NGO hero because she has worked for justice, peace and women’s rights in Kenya for more than 20 years. Through her work with the Kenya Tuna Uwezo programme, which reduces conflict in the informal settlements of Nairobi, Korir works to help young people transform their lives from violence to peace.

Her conflict resolution expertise has been widely recognised; for her work with KTU Korir has been named an Ambassador for Peace by the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders, and received the Mitek Pemper Award for Reconciliation and International Understanding from Augsburg University. Selline’s lifelong dedication to working with underserved communities to help them move beyond past grievances is an inspiration to all those around the world committed to peace, stability, and reconciliation.”

—Nominated by Erik Wadkins, Media Officer, Global Communities

George Woryonwon of Global Communities Liberia

“George Woryonwon of Global Communities Liberia has been for decades – and remains today – dedicated to helping the people of Liberia. During the Ebola crisis, he trained and managed several burial and disinfection teams and worked with communities to help build trust and understand the threat posed by Ebola. His work earned him InterAction’s 2015 Humanitarian Award.

At a frightening time when people were fleeing and many in the international community were paralysed by uncertainty and fear, George was on the front lines working with the communities that were hit hardest. His dedication to his work and the people of his country are an ideal for everyone in the NGO community to aspire to.”
—Nominated by Amy Levey, Senior Communications Officer, Global Communities