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Hurricane Response: Supporting Vulnerable Communities in Puerto Rico

Published 09/29/2017 by Global Communities

Hurricane Response: Supporting Vulnerable Communities in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico as a Category 4 hurricane, striking the Caribbean island with devastating levels of rain and winds up to 155 miles per hour. Other islands throughout the Caribbean have been hit repeatedly by enormously destructive hurricanes this season, causing homelessness, loss of power, sanitation problems and many other challenges for families throughout the region.

Rubble removal, Haiti Earthquake
Global Communities is responding to the situation in Caribbean, with staff in Puerto Rico assessing the situation and coordinating closely with partners on the ground to ensure we bring the most vital assistance to the most vulnerable people. Global Communities has a long history of responding to crises in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia; from developing shelter solutions in Honduras to community-driven reconstruction in Haiti and tsunami and earthquake response in Indonesia, we have decades of community-based relationships and disaster response experience to build upon.

You can read an overview of our previous humanitarian assistance to natural disasters here.

Transitional shelters, Indonesia Tsunami
We need your generous gift to support our efforts. Your support will help us protect vulnerable families and provide desperately needed relief. Please click here to donate.

If you are interested in partnering with Global Communities on the response, please contact Pia Wanek, Vice President, Humanitarian Assistance, [email protected].

Your gift will support the urgent needs of families in Puerto Rico but if we receive gifts in excess of what is required for our response in Puerto Rico, your gift will support our ongoing humanitarian and community-led development programs throughout the globe.