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“Pride for the Family:” Stories of Successful Reintegration in Rwanda

Published 02/19/2016 by Global Communities

“Pride for the Family:” Stories of Successful Reintegration in Rwanda

Ishema Mu Muryango (‘Pride for the Family’ in Kinyarwanda) was a two-year program funded by USAID’s Displaced Children and Orphans Funds (DCOF). The program goal was to safely and sustainably reintegrate children living in institutions in two districts of Rwanda back into their families or communities, and prevent further institutionalization through family-based alternative care options that are suitable and sustainable.

The program was implemented by Global Communities working in close partnership with Hope and Homes for Children. Global Communities is well-known for its community-based development expertise, as well as its strong experience working in Rwanda. Home and Hope for Children is a recognized leader of deinstitutionalization programming worldwide and is the Rwandan government’s main partner in developing a national family-based care system. The different areas of expertise and the distinct approaches provided by each organization are the driving force behind the Ishema Mu Muryango (IMM) program’s successful outcomes.

This report highlights stories of some children, youth and families who have been assisted under the IMM program. While each of their stories is unique, all highlight some common themes about institutionalization and child abandonment in Rwanda. Read the full report here.