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USAID YouthPower: A Former Minister Opens a Dialogue with Youth in Jordan

Published 07/08/2020 by Global Communities


The USAID YouthPower “One Hour with MBM” talk show is a digital outreach and engagement tool introduced by the program to host youth influencers, activists, and facilitators engaging positively in their communities. The show grants them a space to highlight challenges and opportunities they have faced and speak about how they have managed to overcome them. Additionally, the show hosts public figures, community leaders, academics, politicians, economists, and people implementing initiatives at the national level, allowing youth to discuss multiple topics that affect their lives and benefit from the knowledge and experiences shared by the guests.

On June 18, the show hosted Dr. Mohammad Al Momani, the Former Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communication. The dialogue in this episode focused on the role of media in communicating the voice of youth and gender. Moreover, the Former Minister discussed how youth can access the right information, and explained the reasons behind the sluggish responses of the media covering youth issues and lack of providing real solutions. The episode also highlighted the role of how the media can provide a safe space for youth to express their opinions, and thoroughly discussed approaches that youth can use to enable the media to serve their issues. This episode reached an audience of 1,533 and had 568 reactions and comments.

“It is a great honor for me to partake in this show, because connecting with USAID YouthPower is a window that connects us closer to active youth, and moreover, discuss important issues that youth are facing while being able to hear from them and guide them.”

— Dr. Mohammad Al Momani the Former Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communication