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Vitas Iraq: Together Against Corona

Published 03/23/2020 by Global Communities

Babylon Province
Wednesday, 18-3-2020

The corona crisis hit Iraq hard, imposing lockdown in major cities and exerting pressure on the healthcare sector all over the country. As medical facilities and municipal services are essential to sustain overall continuity, Vitas Iraq set a new objective to support these organizations with a series of humanitarian initiatives.

The first event was carried out in Hilla, Babylon province, where a team of Vitas Iraq staff set off to distribute healthcare kits including 20 000 facial masks, 12,000 medical gloves, 64 medical costumes, 100 liters of alcohol, 25 liters of medical disinfectants, and 16 laser thermometers to several hospital ECU units. A part of the facial masks was also given out to local security forces divisions, who are working hard to enforce order in these critical times.
In recognition of this initiative, Vitas Iraq team was invited to participate in the Babylon Crisis Unit conference that was held in the Hilla main municipal hall, where measures aiming to contain the spread of the new Coronavirus were examined and established. The unit consisting of the Governor of Babylon, the Chief of Babylon Police, the Director of Babel Health Sector and many other key local figures set our organization as an example for its active social role within the government and society in the face of crises.

This activity was widely covered in the media by numerous TV channels such as Iraqia, Rashid, Sumaria, Tigris, Baghdadiya, Asia, Biladi, and Afaq channel, in addition to local radio stations coverage and social media posts and mentions.