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WASH Capacity in Humanitarian Emergencies in Syria

Published 04/04/2020 by Global Communities

Global Communities has been implementing WASH programming in Syria since 2016, with support from OFDA and UNOCHA. Our work focuses on the provision of basic WASH services to a large cluster of formal camps in northwest Syria, reaching 153,000 individuals with water system maintenance, sanitation services, and water trucking. Every day we provide 3.6 million liters of potable water to camp residents, via trucking and through water networks, which is the equivalent to 25 liters of potable water per person per day.

Our programs have also improved hygiene practices in the camp through the distribution of 43,639 hygiene kits, and 500 community waste bins. Electronic vouchers have enabled nearly 14,000 families to purchase critically -needed hygiene goods.

As part of our commitment to implementing sustainable, longerterm WASH solutions, our programs consistently include rehabilitation activities, which target water and sanitation assets. Within the camp, we have constructed a sewage system benefitting approximately 50,000 camp residents, and have further provided 275 private latrines. Outside of camps, we have rehabilitated five water supply systems, five water stations, and 12 sanitation networks benefitting and strengthening 59 conflict-affected communities.

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