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Africa: Investing in the Next Generation

Published 08/06/2014 by Global Communities

Africa: Investing in the Next Generation
This week marks the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. The three-day event, the first of its kind, brings together U.S. leaders and African heads of state and government to discuss shared priorities, strengthening partnerships and investment in Africa. The theme of the summit is “Investing in the Next Generation” which recognizes that focusing on youth and figuring out ways to stimulate growth and unlock opportunities is critical for creating an enabling environment for the next generation.
Global Communities has been working in Africa for more than two decades helping to empower communities to direct their own development. Critical to this work is the engagement of youth. Through programs focusing on employment and job skills training, participation in local governance, and prevention of crime and violence, Global  Communities is helping give youth a voice and a stake in their future while building a solid foundation of future leaders who can contribute to the prosperity of their countries.  Learn more about some of our current and recent programs below.

Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship through Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) is among the top priorities in Rwanda’s education sector and is an important component of the Government of Rwanda’s policy to end poverty. Global Communities is partnering with the Ministry of Education to promote TVET for youth entrepreneurship and life skills development across the country. Read more here.

Working for Peace in the Slums of Nairobi
In the informal settlementsof Nairobi, crime is a way of life for too many young people. Poverty has pushed many youths to join gangs or be used by powerful people to perform acts of violence against others. The Kenya Tuna Uwezo program is helping to turn the tide on violence in Nairobi’s slums by engaging youth to act as champions of peace and facilitating meaningful dialogue to address grievances. Read more here.

Trash for Cash – Creating Employment for Urban Youth
Through the Youth Engagement in Service Delivery (YES) program funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Communities helped to build the capacity of local youth organizations and trained youth for employment in the solid waste sector. Learn more here.

Preparing Rwanda’s Next Generation to Succeed in School and Life
Under the USAID Higa Ubeho program, Global Communities is helping to promote childhood development through the establishment of playgroups. The playgroups are open to all children under 5, but were created to target children from poor, rural areas and orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) who have limited learning opportunities. Young children of poor families, especially those affected by HIV and AIDS, can be isolated, under-stimulated and slow to learn. The playgroup activities are designed to engage the children and help develop their social, motor, language and cognitive thinking skills. Read more here.