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“Be the Change Volunteers” Honored by Global Communities in Rwanda

Published 04/01/2013 by Global Communities

Volunteers spurred on with honours

Originally appearing in The New Daily (Rwanda)
Six outstanding community volunteers have been rewarded for their efforts in changing lives of the vulnerable people in their communities, a reward CHF International, an NGO, says will encourage community volunteers.
Known as the ‘Be the Change Volunteers’ (BCVs), the volunteers intervene in their communities by offering literacy courses, awareness and organising communities into saving groups, nutrition groups and cooperatives.
At a ceremony to mark a special day dedicated to celebrating the volunteers and their role in society, on Tuesday, six outstanding volunteers received certificates and other gifts in recognition of their efforts.
The BVCs operate in a network of more than 1,200 members, officials said.
At the ceremony, the volunteers also showcased some of their activities, including back gardening, hand washing demonstrations, literacy classes, awareness drives and breastfeeding education.
Marie Grace Ntiribuzabandi, one of the volunteers rewarded, said she feels honoured whenever her efforts improve life within her community.
“It is easy for us to make an impact within our communities than anyone else can do,” Ntiribuzabandi said. “We are part of the communities; we know well our neighbours and the best ways to educate them.”
Speaking at the function, Amy Davis, the chief of party for the USAID/Ejo Heza project, said working with residents, who act as catalysts of change, always make a strong impact within the community.
He said recognising the volunteers encourage them and boost their morale.
“We know we have to reach a lot of people in a small period of time, but we cannot make it on our own,” Davis said.
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