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CHF India- Recognizing World Water Day in the Urban Context

Published 04/12/2011 by Global Communities

CHF India Recognizes World Water Day

PHOTO: Community leaders spoke at the gathering, emphasizing the importance of preserving water
This is the first time in human history that most of the world’s population lives in cities: 3.3 billion people and the urban landscape continues to grow. 38% of the growth is represented by expanding slums, while the city populations are increasing faster than city infrastructure can adapt.
In tune with this year’s theme of World Water Day 2011- Water for Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge, which aims to spotlight and encourage governments, organizations, communities, and individuals to actively engage in addressing the challenges of urban water management, ESAF, a local NGO, in partnership with CHF organized a one day event on 22nd of March. The programme started with a rally by 1500 women from the Self Help Groups of their project area. The purpose of the rally was to create awareness about the importance of preserving water. The women walked around the city carrying messages on placards, banners, emphasizing the importance of water for sustainability of life and the need to conserve it.
The rally culminated at a school campus where a programme was organized to affirm the commitment of government, civil society organizations and community to conserve water. Speaking on the occasion guests mentioned that there was a need to look at the equitable distribution of water, especially when there is increase in urbanization and certain poor pockets, such as slums water availability is scarce and people do not have enough for drinking purpose also. Whereas certain areas where water is available in plenty, is being wasted. A commitment is required at all the levels for judicious utilization of water. A local corporator ( elected representative) went on to add that if water is not conserved, soon there will be a situation where we will require water carrying wagons, we will have to purchase water and in worst condition it will result in war. He also mentioned about planting more trees so that future generation gets better liveable planet.
Youth representatives from the community demonstrated a skit highlighting the importance of safe drinking water, sanitation, health and hygiene.
All the guests present on the occasion recognized the importance of proper water management in cities and the need to use messages to inspire positive action. Everybody present on the occasion committed towards making clean water and sanitation a reality.