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CHF International Microfinance Holding is Now The Vitas Group

Published 04/27/2012 by Global Communities

CHF International Microfinance Holding is Now The Vitas Group
Silver Spring, MD –  CHF Development Finance International, LLC, a holding company established by CHF International, is pleased to announce the unveiling of a new brand identity—The Vitas Group—for its global microfinance network.  The new name and visual style will help consolidate the rich experience of its subsidiaries under one shared vision, of “financing a better world,” and position the company to grow in a consistent, socially responsible manner.
The new identity invokes the energy of new possibilities, as well as the reliability and professionalism of a trusted partner. That balance reflects the founding mission of the group, “to provide financial products and services that respond to clients’ needs and foster the long-term development of individuals, their businesses, their families and the communities in which they live.”
The new brand is in line with the network’s shift towards a more commercial business model, based on long-term relationships with socially-minded private investors. By uniting the Group’s subsidiaries under one name, the new brand will strengthen ties between each institution in the network. It will also increase recognition and trust amongst clients and microfinance industry peers worldwide—both of which are essential to truly make progress on creating a more inclusive and fair global finance system.
“By creating a unified culture and focus across our network of subsidiaries, the collective experience of CHF can be more easily shared through the Vitas brand with our peers in the industry to create a responsible, innovative future for microfinance,” explains Elissa McCarter, Vitas Group CEO. “CHF has made incredible in-roads at creating jobs, improving lives and financing new opportunities over the last three decades. But as we have grown organically and under many names and approaches, the impact of our work hasn’t always been recognized or fully realized.”
The recently-launched company, owned by CHF International and partner BlueOrchard Private Equity Fund, was established to own and manage CHF’s commercially-oriented microfinance subsidiaries across the globe. Currently, the company owns two subsidiaries, in Lebanon and Romania, and will assume ownership of three other CHF subsidiaries in the Middle East, in addition to expanding through the establishment of new commercially-oriented microfinance operations in the same region.
Please visit the Vitas Group’s Website at for more information.