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Facilitating Client Protection, Financial Literacy and Consumer Awareness in the West Bank & Gaza

Published 01/09/2012 by Global Communities

FIELD-Support Knowledge Series, Published: December 1, 2011; Author(s): Obed Diener Organization, FHI 360, Making Cents International, CHF International

This FIELD Brief, part of the FIELD-Support LWA Knowledge Series, discusses practitioner learning from a cross-cutting initiative to strengthen consumer protection and financial literacy in the West Bank and Gaza, under the Expanded and Sustained Access to Financial Services (ESAF) program. The initiative was led by FHI 360 with support from implementing partners CHF International, Development Innovations Group, and Making Cents International.

Recognizing the importance of a strong foundation of consumer protection and financial literacy for a stable, efficient, and fair financial sector, ESAF implemented a major cross-cutting initiative in response to identified weaknesses in the West Bank and Gaza.

ESAF’s approach was to support regulatory and industry bodies set up new regulations and mechanisms for protecting consumers, while also educating the public about rights and responsibilities as well as smart financial practices. The initiative has been implemented in close partnership with local institutions including regulators, industry associations, financial institutions, and the public school system. Though a modest investment on the part of ESAF, its various components have yielded lasting impacts.

This FIELD Brief presents ESAF’s activities and results according to three thematic areas:

Formative Research

Client Protection

Consumer Awareness and Financial Literacy

Please read the full brief here.