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President Obama Praises Global Communities’ Ebola Response Efforts (VIDEO)

Published 02/11/2015 by Global Communities

President Obama Praises Global Communities’ Ebola Response Efforts (VIDEO)
President Obama lauded Global Communities and other Ebola responders at a press briefing today, giving special mention to our own Brett Sedgewick, who managed our teams on the ground in Liberia this past fall. In thanking those involved in the response, Obama praised the work done but added that the effort is nowhere near “mission accomplished,” and that the response needs to remain strong to get the current outbreak completely under control, and to stave off other public health threats in the future. He added that this effort involves strengthening systems in the hardest hit countries – Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea – and continuing the tremendous work in progress.
Said the President: “Brett went to Liberia with Global Communities which is an NGO that partnered with us to respond to Ebola. Brett supported safe burial teams that traveled to far-flung corners of Liberia to ensure that those who lost their lives to Ebola were carefully, safely and respectfully buried so that they could not transmit the disease to anyone else. And Brett reflects the spirit of so many volunteers when he said, “If you need me, just say the word.” That’s a simple but profound statement. That’s who we are. Big-hearted and optimistic. Reflecting the can-do spirit of the American people. That’s our willingness to help those in need.”
Since March 2014, the Global Communities team in Liberia has been working in Liberia to prevent and treat the spread of Ebola in Liberia by conducting community outreach in some of the most affected counties, providing support to burial teams throughout the country, conducting contact tracing and managing a safe burial site for Ebola victims outside of the capital Monrovia. Learn more about Global Communities’ Ebola response activities here. 
Watch the full press briefing here or watch the portion about Global Communities here (begins at 10:40).