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Remembering the Haiti Earthquake

Published 01/08/2015 by Global Communities


Remembering the Haiti Earthquake
Five years on since the devastating Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010, Global Communities is telling the stories of some of our Haitian friends who are working hard to improve their lives and livelihoods in spite of the challenges that the earthquake created and the day-to-day difficulties they face in Haiti. We are focusing on the stories of those we worked with before the earthquake, who have shown the resilience and determination to make their livelihoods sustainable throughout the post-earthquake period. Together, we celebrate what they have achieved and continue to achieve as partners for good.

Bussy: A New Environment in Haiti
Formerly disaster-prone and environmentally unstable, the neighborhood of Bussy is now an ecological gem of lush, wooded ravines offering a rare respite in the crowded city while ensuring the safety of its residents. Working with the government and local organizations, residents have worked to reforest the area, planting trees and installing structures to prevent erosion and run-off. Read more here.

Sustainable Agriculture: Post-harvest Center of Grand Savanne
The Post-harvest Center of Grande Savanne is creating economic opportunities for residents with minimal employment options by promoting mango farming and production. The center is helping mango producers to earn more money by providing agricultural training to ensure they meet technical and sanitary standards as required for export and processing. Read more here.

Café Ti Pilon: Supporting Young People from Low-income Families
Working a private coffee company, Rebo SA, the Café Ti Pilon project is helping create employment for micro-entrepreneurs who work as coffee vendors as well as jobs for people working in the production chain around Port-au-Prince. The initiative also works to strengthen the capacity of rural coffee producers in Northern Haiti by helping them improve productivity and quality standards. Read more here.

In addition to the efforts of Haitians, like these, who are working tirelessly to rebuild their country, Global Communities continues to support communities in their efforts to repair roads, homes and critical community infrastructure through the World Bank-funded PREKAD(Reconstruction Project for Disadvantaged Areas) and American Red Cross-funded LAMIKA programs. This short video highlights how the PREKAD program is helping ensure residents have safe, secure housing.