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The Crafts Center: Trend Reports 2007-2010

Published 01/14/2011 by Global Communities

The Crafts Center: Trend Reports 2007-2010
The Crafts Center at CHF International’s Annual Trend Report is a reference guide for emerging trends in the home accent and giftware industry for western markets, primarily Canada and the United States. The goal of this report is to offer practical suggestions for new product development, while keeping the focus on what is happening in today’s marketplace. There are many kinds of trends that can guide your business. However, it takes a practiced eye to identify trends, and a trend is most valuable when dentified very early in its course. Trends emerge from both the emotional and practical needs of the population. Current events, the state of the economy, the global market, and cultural influences all have their impact in forming these trends. Gaining an understanding of trends over time can inspire the product development process and provide a greater chance for success in the western market.

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