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VIDEO: Rosie, Community Leader

Published 10/21/2015 by Global Communities

Rosie, Community Leader
Rosie Mbone is a former gang member who has turned her life around and is committed to helping other youth in her community to do the same. Rosie resides in Korogocho, an informal settlement located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. Korogocho, which means “crowded shoulder-to-shoulder” in Swahili, suffers from the same problems that so many of Nairobi’s informal settlements face – overcrowding, poverty, crime, poor public services and a lack of economic and educational opportunities. Rosie, like many youth in her community, dropped out of school due family hardships. With no economic prospects, she joined a local gang and became involved in criminal activities. The turning point came after she lost both her brother and the father of her child to violent deaths. Single and with a newborn baby, she made the decision to turn her life around.
She became a community leader and began approaching other youth involved in criminal activities. Despite the risks to her personal safety, she continued reaching out to other youth and started earning their trust. Working together with other former gang members, they formed a group called the “Legends” to promote peace and education in their community. Through their outreach activities, Rosie learned about the Kenya Tuna Uwezo program. Meaning “We have the power” in Swahili, Kenya Tuna Uwezo is being implemented by Global Communities to reduce politically-motivated conflict in Nairobi’s informal settlements. With support from the program, Rosie was able to expand her activities and reach communities with her message of peace throughout Nairobi. To watch Rosie’s story, click here or on the image below.