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West Bank & Gaza: Investing in Education

Published 07/25/2011 by Global Communities

In response to the challenges facing the education sector in Palestine, CHF International has been working with communities and local partners to implement numerous projects related to education within the Emergency Jobs Program (EJP), the Local Democratic Reform (LDR) program, and now the Community Infrastructure Development Program (CID).

These projects aim to improve various aspects of the Palestinian educational system in the most marginalized and vulnerable districts, addressing issues such as limited access to schools, capacity constraints and overcrowding, and dangerous structural conditions.

Special attention must be paid to children and youth in Palestine, as they account for nearly half of the total population. Although CHF has implemented a wide variety of infrastructure projects in all sectors, improving the education system through rehabilitating, renovating, and building schools has been a sustained priority, with a considerable amount of effort and funding directed toward that aim. Building projects have been successfully competed and include construction of additional floors, new classrooms, retaining and boundary walls, septic and water tanks, and paving playground areas.