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Global Communities and Bank of Palestine Scale Up Support for Families in Gaza with Essential WASH Units 

Published 02/27/2024 by Global Communities

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Gaza Strip — In the spirit of sustained cooperation and a shared commitment to supporting those displaced by war in the Gaza Strip, Global Communities is reinforcing its partnership with the Bank of Palestine. This collaborative endeavor is set to launch the development of 20 essential Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) units, aimed at mitigating the health risks and severe challenges faced by the population due to the scarcity of such critical facilities. By introducing these sanitary installations in non-UNRWA camps, the initiative seeks to improve living conditions, uphold dignity and safeguard the well-being of 800 displaced families in informal shelters, with a particular focus on the needs of women and children. 

“This joint venture goes beyond partnership; it is a lifeline for those in desperate need of basic sanitation facilities,” said George Kapataies, Senior Business Development Manager at Global Communities Palestine. “With these WASH units, we’re hoping to restore a sense of dignity and health for families who have been surviving without these essentials.” 

Through the Bank of Palestine’s support, Global Communities is developing 20 latrines which will include three toilets and three sinks in each WASH unit, aiding around 800 displaced families.  

The Bank of Palestine’s contributions are part of a matching initiative under Global Communities’ Gaza Household WASH Activity. This partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to comprehensive community support by both organizations, addressing urgent needs while also fostering local economic growth by procuring materials from local vendors. 

“Bank of Palestine remains committed to working with Global Communities in this latest intervention, providing a healthy environment to displaced people and ensuring their dignity is preserved,” said Kamel Husseini, Chief Strategic Relations and Engagements Officer at the Bank of Palestine. 

In addition to the WASH units, the Bank of Palestine has contributed to a clothing voucher program, which reached over 1,000 families. This effort underscored the bank’s dedication to providing immediate relief to those most affected by the cold weather and the ongoing war. 

Global Communities is committed to utilizing our network and resources to ensure the delivery of aid to families in need. The efforts continue across the Gaza Strip, adapting to security conditions to maximize the impact of the assistance provided. 

Since the onset of the war, Bank of Palestine has been instrumental in numerous relief initiatives, including the provision of food and water with global partners, health and financial aid distribution with local foundations, and ongoing support for economic stability and health care. 

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