Adapting Health Systems to Protect Children from the Impact of Climate Change: A Series

Prepared by The Child Health Task Force, Global Communities, and UNICEF

The “Re-imagining the Package of Care for Children” series, co-hosted by the Child Health Task Force, Global Communities, and UNICEF, provided a platform to foster important discussions on how to adapt health systems to protect children from the challenges posed by the climate crisis. Through a series of 9 webinars held from November 2022 through October 2023, this discussion series attempted to break down the intersection of climate change and child health, using the “Healthy Environments for Healthy Children” framework as its guiding principle. Beginning with an exploration of the effects of heatwaves on children’s health and progressing through sessions addressing topics such as the impact of heat stress on newborn health outcomes, vector-borne diseases, and financing health and climate adaptation, each session offers valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration. With a diverse range of participants representing 119 countries, this series underscores the global significance of mitigating climate-related risks to ensure the health and well-being of children.