Strengthening Economic Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs through Cooperatives

Woman in a Cooperative working.

By Ashley Holst Cooperatives are leaders in promoting inclusive economic growth by providing equitable and accessible solutions to economic and social stressors. Two of the seven principles of cooperatives are “voluntary and open membership” and “concern for community,” both of which call upon cooperatives to create opportunities for all people and to put the betterment…

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A Holistic Intervention to Overcome Multiple Barriers to Women’s Entrepreneurship in Guatemala

Toribia standing on her farm surrounded by plants.

By Mabel Bejerano, Global Technical Advisor for Women’s Empowerment and Savings Groups Toribia – a 54-year-old mother of eight from the Western Highlands of Guatemala – has long been a leader in her family, who strives to make a consistent income with their land and livestock. Because families in the Western Highlands are typically producers…

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Study Led by Global Communities Generates Novel Evidence on Gender Equality in the Context of Nutrition and Parenting Programs  

Silver Spring, MD – Global Communities announces the publication of original research in the Journal of Social Science and Medicine on the impact of engaging fathers and bundling nutrition and parenting interventions on household gender equality and women’s empowerment in rural Tanzania.  The article titled “Effects of Engaging Fathers and Bundling Nutrition and Parenting Interventions…

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