Jane Gotiangco

Vice President, Strategic Communications

Jane Gotiangco is Vice President, Strategic Communications at Global Communities. Jane’s expertise in marketing and communications has resulted in a clearer and more powerful identity for organizations, helping them to differentiate themselves from others, and facilitating successful entries into new markets where their identities are not as well established. Leveraging strategic thought leadership campaigns, she has enhanced organizations’ reputations both globally and locally, demonstrating her ability to pivot with changing goals, market conditions, and emerging opportunities.

Jane has developed successful media relations programs, serving as chief spokesperson, media contact, and strategist, ensuring proactive and targeted responses to reputational issues in the media and Capitol Hill. Her crisis communication proficiency extends beyond reputational crises, encompassing comprehensive management of traditional crisis communication scenarios.

Recognizing the value of integrated communication strategies, Jane has successfully developed global employee communication programs for international organizations, ensuring executive and internal communications are easily understood and reach all staff.

Jane is deeply entrenched in the international development and humanitarian sector. In 2016 she founded, and continue to co-chair, the international development communicator’s network which brings together 30-40 communication practitioners from for-profit and non-profit USAID implementing organizations.

With more than 25 years’ experience, Jane is a seasoned strategic communications professional with know-how and a track record of successful planning and execution.