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COVID-19 Response in Honduras

Published 04/04/2020 by Global Communities

In Honduras, Global Communities is shifting its work on malaria and TB prevention to support the procurement of medical supplies and equipment to support the COVID-19 response.

In Honduras, Global Communities is a Principal Recipient of the Global Fund combined HIV/TB program Moving the HIV and TB Responses toward 90-90-90 and Sustainability with a Focus on Key and Vulnerable Populations, a subaward for TB to the Ministry of Health, to focus on prevention and improved access to testing and services, and Integrated Strategy for Malaria Elimination aiming to achieve zero registered indigenous malaria cases by December 2020. The program focuses on women and children under fi ve; indigenous peoples, Afro-Hondurans (Garífuna); and migrants and other mobile populations. The Global Fund malaria program is pivoting to support the procurement of medical supplies and equipment to support the COVID19 response in Honduras.

Global Communities’ Watershed Management Program (2017–2020) generates investments and improves management of river micro-basins in the Dry Corridor, and is now working with the Honduran government’s INVEST-H mechanism to support the purchase of agricultural inputs to strengthen the productive capacities of farms, and support food biosafety, including safe transport of goods from the countryside to the main cities in western Honduras.

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