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Local Government and Infrastructure Program Final Report

Published 05/25/2017 by Global Communities

Global Communities’ Local Governance and Infrastructure (LGI) program improved the quality of life for Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Gaza. In addition to impactful infrastructure, LGI enhanced local service delivery, promoted good governance, engaged citizens in community decision making, increased local capacity for building and management, created new opportunities for employment and local economic development, enabled gender mainstreaming, implemented green practices and educated adults and children about green building.

The overall goal of the Local Government and Infrastructure (LGI) program was to promote an enabling environment for good local governance and provide the basic infrastructure necessary for sustainable improvements in the quality of life of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Between 2010 and 2017, the program focused on two main components, providing quality infrastructure to build community potential and supporting excellence in local government to enable communities and their local authorities to effectively manage their resources and meet their needs, with cross-cutting initiatives that positively impacted local economies, youth, women, the environment, and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Read the full report here.