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Robyn McGuckin Named Global Communities’ Vice President for International Operations

Published 02/22/2016 by Global Communities


Robyn McGuckin Named Global Communities’ Vice President for International Operations

This article originally appeared on Reuters Alertnet
February 22, 2016 – Silver Spring, Maryland – Global Communities today announced the appointment of Robyn McGuckin as its Vice President for International Operations. Mrs. McGuckin joins Global Communities most recently from Winrock International and has two decades of experience in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, working with institutions across the local and federal level at the intersection of international development, clean energy and climate.

In her role as Senior Vice President for Programs at Winrock International, Mrs. McGuckin assisted the CEO in the redesign and launch of a new Programs organizational structure that incorporated management, strategic planning and technical services. Before joining Winrock, Mrs. McGuckin launched a business unit focusing on clean energy and climate change at the engineering firm MWH Global. Prior to that, she worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development, successfully redesigning the South Asia Initiative for Energy, as well leading and supporting infrastructure reconstruction in a number of complex, conflict and post-conflict environments including Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

Mrs. McGuckin’s international work has been recognized in the media and in current affairs books and, combined with her infrastructure work, resulted in two consecutive years of distinction as one of the Top 100 Energy Professionals in “Who’s Who in Energy,” and within the Top Ten Renewable Energy Professionals. Mrs. McGuckin serves on the Board of Trustees for the South Sudanese American Orphaned Rehabilitation Organization, which helps to house orphans and educate children so they become active in their communities. She has served on the Sustainability Board for the City of Louisville to assist the city in its efforts to invest in sustainable development, and is the co-founder of Artemis Racing, a cycling team dedicated to promoting women’s participation in the sport.
“Global Communities is delighted to bring Robyn onto our Senior Management Team, where her expansive knowledge and expertise on the most pressing issues facing the world today will be invaluable in advancing our mission to help vulnerable communities improve their lives and livelihoods,” said David A. Weiss, President and CEO of Global Communities. “Her experience, especially in the sectors of climate and energy, will only become more important as we work across the globe to deal with communities experiencing more climate-related disasters and as we seek to bring energy to the underserved places in the world. She is most a welcome addition to Global Communities as both an expert and a leader of our International Operations.”

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