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Global Communities Mourns Loss of Colleague and Family in Gaza Airstrike

Published 12/16/2023 by Global Communities

Gaza Strip — We are deeply saddened to confirm the tragic loss of our colleague, Hani Jnena (33), along with his family in Gaza, including his wife, Abeer (32), and their two young daughters, Mariam and Zayna, aged 4 and 2. Based on the information currently available to us, the young family was killed on Sunday, November 5, during an Israeli airstrike in the Al Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City at the residence of Hani’s in-laws. The family had recently sought safety there after fleeing airstrikes in their own neighborhood of Al Shiekh in Gaza City. His in-laws were killed as well. 

Hani Jnena

In his final message to the People & Culture representative in our West Bank office on October 10, Hani wrote: “My daughters are terrified, and I am trying to keep them calm, but this bombing is terrifying.”

Hani was a dedicated member of our IT team in Gaza, known for his kindness and commitment to delivering essential IT services in challenging conditions. He, along with his wife and daughters, were beloved members of our community. This loss is profoundly felt by our teams, particularly in Gaza and the West Bank, where Hani’s contributions and warm nature were especially valued.

“Hani was extremely loved by all staff,” said a close colleague and friend, who, for safety reasons, will remain unnamed. “He constantly supported the whole team with all requests with a smile on his face. Hani’s affability and serenity is amongst his most endless list of merits. I loved working with Hani and having him on the Gaza team.”

In the face of unfathomable danger, destruction and loss, our staff who remain on the ground in Gaza and the West Bank have been delivering lifesaving support to their communities. For their sake, and for the hundreds of thousands who are trapped in this humanitarian catastrophe, we must do more than bear witness. We must make way for aid, healing and peace while there is still time. Global Communities, alongside hundreds of humanitarian organizations across the globe, urges all parties to the conflict to agree to an immediate and complete ceasefire to prevent further loss of innocent lives. 

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