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Our dynamic partnerships are anchored by a shared vision of a more just, equitable and prosperous world. Our partners include community leaders, civil society, non-governmental organizations, national, state and local governments, foundations, individuals and the private sector.

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We envision a world of expanded opportunity, where crises give way to resilience and all people thrive.

We work to build this better world with a spirit of constant innovation and a commitment to confront historic barriers to dignity, equity and inclusion.


Partners make our work possible.

What we realized was that here was an NGO that had real expertise in providing sanitation and hygiene to primary schools. They also had expertise in encouraging behavior change in the pupils, as well as the teachers, so we decided to contact them and explore a partnership. What we realized is that the expertise we didn’t have, Global Communities had it.

Andrew Quayson
Chairman of Unilever Ghana Foundation


Partnerships with impact

How Vitas Jordan is Supporting Medical Centers through a New Digital Loan Product

By Lizzie Hickman The COVID-19 pandemic exposed weaknesses in the global medical supply chain. Shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE),…

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Recycling Cooperative in Brazil Gets a Boost from Young People’s Communication Skills

By Leticia Oliveira An estimated 800,000 trash recyclers collect 90% of Brazil’s recyclables every day. Many Brazilian cities lack formal…

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Improving Urban Resilience through Insurance Innovations in Colombia

By Lizzie Hickman On July 4, 2023, the Earth saw its hottest day since at least 1979, highlighting the increasing…

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Striving to Find and Serve Missing Children in HIV Treatment & Care

By Betty Adera Despite tremendous progress in the fight against HIV and AIDS, outcomes for treatment and care among children…

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Sowing Futures and Lots of Hope in Argentina

By: Sergio Scheffer and Natalia Lopez-Thismon Translated by: Samuel Lau In the peripheral neighborhoods of cities in Argentina, it is…

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Mothers in India Lead the Process of Change and Girls’ Empowerment

By Sushmita Mukherjee A healthy and skilled adolescent girl is best placed to make informed decisions not only for herself…

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Empowering Women in India through Self-Help Groups

By Sushmita Mukherjee Global Communities believes in the power and potential of women’s collectives to bring about positive change. In…

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Using the New Digital Savings Group Hub to Eliminate Paper, Inspire Savings 

Digitization can feel overwhelming — and even risky when considering inherent equity and access issues. Yet, with the right resources,…

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USAID and Equity Bank partner to unlock $5M in lending to artisanal and small-scale mining operators in eastern DRC

Kinshasa, DRC – The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Equity BCDC have partnered to unlock financial services…

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