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Helping create safe, healthy and secure communities in the Americas

For 70 years, Global Communities has partnered directly with local leaders, governments, schools, businesses and civil society organizations to bring about sustainable, impactful changes that improve the lives and livelihoods of people in eight countries across the Americas.


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Improving Access to Safe Drinking Water in Honduras

By José Alberto Vasquez Padilla Despite possessing a large amount of water resources, many communities in Honduras suffer from a shortage of safe drinking water, …

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Striving to Find and Serve Missing Children in HIV Treatment & Care

By Betty Adera Despite tremendous progress in the fight against HIV and AIDS, outcomes for treatment and care among children remain low. Sadly, disparities in …

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Right to Care: Family-Centered Approaches for Vulnerable Children and Adolescents

By Betty Adera The impact of disasters, complexities of humanitarian crises and ongoing effects of climate change pose major threats to the lives of children. …

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Sowing Futures and Lots of Hope in Argentina

By: Sergio Scheffer and Natalia Lopez-Thismon Translated by: Samuel Lau In the peripheral neighborhoods of cities in Argentina, it is not uncommon to find large …

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